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Real Estate Appraisal Education:

Courses                                                       Sponsoring Institution                       Class Room Hours                (Year) 

General Demonstration Report                     Appraisal Institute                          Completed report received a passing
For MAI designation                                      Clark, NJ                                          grade from the Appraisal Institute 

Quantitative Analysis                                     Appraisal Institute                            36 CE*                                     (2016)
                                                                            Bluegrass Chapter
                                                                            Louisville, KY

Advanced Concepts & Case Studies           Appraisal Institute                            40 CE*                                     (2016)
                                                                            Ohio Chapter

Business Practices & Ethics                         Appraisal Institute                              7 CE*                                      (2016)

Eminent Domain and Condemnation           Appraisal Institute                            7 CE*                                     (2016)

2016 / 2017 National                                     McKissock                                         7 CE*                                       (2016)
USPAP Update 7 Hour  

Business Practices & Ethics                         Appraisal Institute                              5 CE*                                      (2016)  

Residential Appraisal                                    McKissock                                          7 CE*                                      (2014)

2014/ 2015 National                                     Appraisal Institute                             15 CE*                                    (2014)
USPAP 15 Hour 

2014 / 2015 National                                    Appraisal Institute                             7 CE*                                      (2014)
USPAP Update 7 Hour  
2012 / 2013 National                                    Appraisal Institute                             7 CE*                                      (2013)
USPAP Update 7 Hour 

General Appraiser Sales                               Appraisal Institute                             30 CE*                                    (2013)
Comparison Approach  

Advanced Applications                               Appraisal Institute
& Case Studies                                              Chicago, Il Chapter                          40 CE*                                      (2010) 

​Advanced Income                                       Appraisal Institute                             40 CE*                                      (2010) 
Capitalization                                              Metropolitan, NY Chapter 

Uniform Appraisal Standards                     Appraisal Institute                             6 CE*                                        (2010)  
For Federal Land Acquisition                     East Florida Chapter
(USFLA, Yellow Book) 

Business Practices & Ethics                        Appraisal Institute                             8 CE*                                      (2010)  

General Appraiser                                         Appraisal Institute 
Market Analysis and                                     San Diego Chapter                             30                                           (2009)
Highest & Best Use

General Appraiser Report                             Appraisal Institute                              30                                           (2009)  
Writing and Case Studies                             San Diego Chapter 

​General Appraiser Site                                  Appraisal Institute                              30                                           (2009) 
Valuation and Cost Approach                      San Diego Chapter 

General Appraiser Sales                                 Appraisal Institute                             30                                          (2009) 
Comparison Approach                                   San Diego Chapter

General Appraiser Income                             Appraisal Institute                            30                                           (2009)  
Approach (Part II).                                          Denver Chapter

General Appraiser Income                             Appraisal Institute                             30                                           (2009)  
Approach (Part I). Denver Chapter

Statistics and Valuation                                 Appraisal Institute                             15                                           (2009) 

Advanced Residential                                    Appraisal Institute                             30                                           (2008) 
Report Writing, (Part II)                                  Vermont Chapter
(SRA Demo Report Alternative) 

Advanced Residential                                     Appraisal Institute                             15                                          (2008) 
Applications & Case Studies,                         Vermont Chapter
(Part I)  

Residential Sales Comparison                        Appraisal Institute                            30                                           (2008) 
& Income Approach 

Residential Site Valuation                             Appraisal Institute                              15                                          (2008) 
& Cost Approach

Residential Highest                                        Appraisal Institute                              15                                          (2008)  
& Best Use 

Using the HP12C                                           Appraisal Institute                                8                                          (2008)  
Financial Calculator 

2008 / 2009 National                                     Appraisal Institute                                7                                           (2008) 
USPAP Update 7 Hour 

Appraisal Report Writing                             Vermont Association                            15                                         (2006)  
                                                                           of Realtors 

Appraisal Principles R1/G1                          Vermont Association                             30                                        (2006)  
                                                                           of Realtors 

Appraisal Procedures R2/G2                         Vermont Association                            30                                        (2006)  
                                                                            of Realtors 

Uniform Standards of                                     Vermont Association                           15                                        (2006)  
Professional Appraisal Practice                     of Realtors 


    • Johnson & Wales University                     Providence, RI
       - Bachelor of Science, Marketing, 2000

Professional Associations:

  • Candidate For Designation,  Appraisal Institute

Employment ​History:

  • Senior Staff Appraiser, Allen & Brooks, South Burlington (2006 - 2010)
  • City Reassessment Project Assistant, Cole Layer & Trumble
  • Loan Officer / Loan Originator, Homebound Mortgage, Colchester, VT ​

Volunteer Work:

  • Essex Rescue, EMT-B, March 2004 - January 2006​

Seminar Experience: 

              Guest speaker for Picket Fence Home Seller's Seminar (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)

Champlain Valley Appraisal Services, PLLC 
Brett Schermerhorn 
Shelburne, VT 05482
 Phone: 802-881-0622 

Brett Schermerhorn
Vermont Certified General 
Real Estate Appraiser 
License # 080.0053936
“Brett Schermerhorn has reached his goal to become a top real estate appraiser in the greater Chittenden County area.” 

-John Vickery,
City Assessor of Burlington, VT
“Over the past several months, I have had the pleasure to worth with Brett as he completed a recent appraisal for Northwestern Medical Center. Although this was the first opportunity I had to work with Brett, he has done other appraisal work for NMC in the past. We have found Brett to be thorough and accurate in the work he has done. He is approachable and is skilled in his field of experience. He has spent a significant a significant amount of time over his career to continue to advance himself in the appraisal field. He achieved the highest level of appraisal licensing (certified general appraiser) at the age of 31 and is currently working on finalizing the process of obtaining the MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute. He remains committed to the career of commercial property appraisal.” 

-Christopher Hickey, 
Sr. Vice President and CFO
Northwestern Medical Center, Inc. 

“Brett is a very hard working and successful entrepreneur. He started his own commercial real estate appraisal business in 2010 at the age of 31 and his business has been growing ever since. For the last few years, he has been working towards achieving the MAI designation through the Appraisal Institute, a global association of professional real estate appraisers. The MAI designation requires significant commitment from the appraiser including a high level of education, examinations, professional experience and work review. Brett is a past volunteer EMT with Essex Rescue and is involved with charity events such as marathons and triathlons.”  

-Mark Brooks, MAI
President / Commercial Real Estate Appraiser
Allen & Brooks, Inc.

“The Town of Colchester contracted with Brett to complete the appraisals of all the “Class A” office buildings within a specific neighborhood. Brett spent a lot of time to ensure the Town got a good product. This was not an easy assignment, because the data was not easy to come by. Many of the property owners were not willing to cooperate. In the end the appraisals were well thought out and the town was happy with the results. He was easy to work with and he backed up his opinion of value with expertise.” 

-Robert Vickery
City Assessor of Colchester, VT