As a certified general real estate appraiser, it is my job to provide comprehensive research and analysis for each property which I engage in the valuation of. In addition to ongoing research and database management, significant time is spent on each appraisal for the research and analysis of specific factors which may affect value.

An appraiser needs to be well informed with relevant data resources, technology,  education and experience. I have made it an important part of my career to seek out the best possible appraisal tools, education, resources and training available. With years of commercial valuation experience and hundreds of hours of education which are specific to real estate appraisal, I can provide the high level of professional service you require.    

Technology and resources available to the appraiser have significantly advanced within recent years. By utilizing these technologies and providing comprehensive research, I will be able to deliver appraisal reports which convey better understanding of current market conditions, developing trends, and individual components of value for each property type.
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Regional Chamber of Commerce
Affiliate member of the Chittenden Commercial
Real Estate Association
Champlain Valley Appraisal Services, PLLC 
PO Box 623 Hinesburg VT 05461
Phone: 802-881-0622
Certified General Real Estate Appraiser, State of Vermont
License number 080-0053936,
Real Estate Appraisal Education:
Courses              Sponsoring Institution           Hours                 
Advanced Income Capitalization    Appraisal Institute    40
Metropolitan, NY Chapter
Uniform Appraisal Standards Appraisal Institute            16       
For Federal Land AcquisitionEast Florida Chapter
(USFLA, Yellow Book)
Business Practices & Ethics  Appraisal Institute              8        
General Appraiser         Appraisal Institute
Market Analysis and     San Diego Chapter            30       
Highest & Best Use
General Appraiser Report     Appraisal Institute            30       
       Writing and Case Studies        San Diego Chapter
General Appraiser Site         Appraisal Institute             30       
Valuation and Cost Approach        San Diego Chapter
General Appraiser Sales        Appraisal Institute            30       
Comparison Approach           San Diego Chapter
General Appraiser Income    Appraisal Institute             30       
Approach (Part II).         Denver Chapter
General Appraiser Income    Appraisal Institute             30       
Approach (Part I).                          Denver Chapter
       Required Courses for Appraisal Institute SRA Designation:
Statistics and Valuation   Appraisal Institute    15
        Advanced Residential    Appraisal Institute     30
Report Writing, (Part II) Vermont Chapter
(SRA Demo Report Alternative)
Advanced Residential    Appraisal Institute     15
Applications & Case Studies,       Vermont Chapter
(Part I)
Residential Sales Comparison        Appraisal Institute    30
& Income Approach
Residential Site Valuation        Appraisal Institute   15
& Cost Approach
Residential Highest          Appraisal Institute    15
& Best Use
Using the HP12C   Appraisal Institute      8
Financial Calculator
2008 / 2009 National     Appraisal Institute     7      
USPAP Update 7 Hour
Appraisal Report WritingVermont Association       15      
        of Realtors
Appraisal Principles R1/G1    Vermont Association30      
       of Realtors
Appraisal Procedures R2/G2  Vermont Association       30      
        of Realtors
Uniform Standards of    Vermont Association        15      
Professional Appraisal Practice      of Realtors
       Bachelor of Science, Marketing,
       Johnson & Wales University, 2000
Volunteer Work:
Essex Rescue, EMT-B, 2004 - 2006
Professional Affiliations:
Appraisal Institute, Associate Member, 2008 -Present